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Big Stan

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Big Stan cover

Starring Rob Schneider? Directed by Rob Schneider? Sign me up!

Big Stan was, by my estimation, released somewhere toward the twilight* of Schneider's career. The Deuce Bigalow franchise had come to an end; Benchwarmers did not become the runaway hit we all had hoped and expected; and, most importantly, Adam Sandler's race to the bottom had picked up some serious steam. I mean, let's face it: Schneider has cashed in well on smaller roles in Sandler's movies.

God bless Schneider, then, for taking matters into his own hands. Directing a movie he also stars in? There must be those who considers Big Stan to be his Citizen Kane.

The premise of the movie is pretty simple, though I guess that doesn't come as much of a surprise. Schneider's character is going to jail, and he is afraid of being raped. There. That's it. Big Stan is a one hour and forty-five minute prison-rape joke. Schneider found it so funny he couldn't even contain it to a ninety minute movie.

The mind boggles when you learn Josh Lieb–the man behind shows like The Daily Show and Jimmy Fallon–wrote Big Stan's screenplay. I can only assume he was heavily medicated at the time, or possibly deep in gambling debt.

When all is said and done, though, the movie does have its place. I would guess this is quite the runaway hit in states where pot is legal. It also makes a great source for a drinking game–take a shot for every prison rape joke, and you'll be blasted five minutes in.

Hell, admit it or not, I'm sure you will laugh at least a few times during the movie. In spite of yourself, certainly, but also safe in the knowledge that you never specifically paid to watch Big Stan.

*Bonus fact: Jackson Rathbone, aka Jasper in Twilight, actually managed to fumble his way into a supporting role here.

By Remi,

Letterboxd summary: Rob Schneider writes and stars in this comedy about a nerdy con man whose swindling ways land him a stiff prison sentence. Terrified at the prospect of being raped in prison he enlists the aid of a mysterious kung-fu expert to teach him how to fight.

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