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Twin Peaks: The Return (Episode 16)

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I‘m fairly certain I could write a dissertation on Part 16, but neither you nor I would want that. Instead I shall treat you to some takeaways from the penultimate-ish1 episode.

Mr. C does what Mr. C does, and offs his own son who was tagging along to the location given in the last episode. (Wherever that was.) Choosing to go with the two matching coordinates over the conflicting third, it was clear Richard chose poorly.


Did Mr. C take him to the other location to hedge his bets? That seems plausible. Who needs as pesky son anyway?

On the lighter side, the Mitchum brothers have sailed up as my favorite Twin Peaks characters, taking care of the Jones family and all, right up to Coop‘s timely return. I mean, timely… I was off by 11 episodes, but who‘s counting? Ever the gentleman, Coop made sure a tulpa of him will be created as Dougie, and it seems that Twin Peaks sidestory got its happy ending.

Speaking of tulpas, apparently Diane was one, too. Who would have thunk it? Dern put in another home-run of a performance, before being transported back to the Lodge, delivering a literal fuck you to Mike. Her earlier monologue seems to indicate her actual self being Naido, something which is a popular theory among fans, and… I mean, proof seems to point in that direction, but they couldn‘t look more different. Very odd.

Returning to Coop, I find it hugely disturbing to find him on his way to Twin Peaks‘s sheriff station2. Why? Well, who will he find there? James. That‘s right. James. Mopey, pathetic, nice guy James. The odds of him joining up with Coop‘s posse for the (potential) final take-down of Mr. C looks increasingly possible, and there is no way he will do anything but get in the way.

On the plus side, the Mitchum brothers are in tow! This is literally the only show I‘ve seen Knepper in where he didn‘t kick some ass, so odds are the streak could be saved.

Audrey performed Audrey‘s Dance, and then confirmed what many of us had been thinking — whatever is going on with her is apparently happening inside her head. This brings with it questions about the Bang Bang Room which, going by a few select scenes, does exists in the real world, but how much of what we have seen there has been a product of Audrey‘s mind? Does Twin Peaks not get dozens of headliner acts after all? Did James actually not perform that idiotic song of his? The mind boggles!

If Audrey is in an institution or in a coma, or even in the Lodge, is hard to say. Is she the dreamer mentioned in the last episode? I suppose we will find out in a few days.


1 Yes, there are two episodes left, but they will air back to back.

2 By the way of Spokane — represent!

By Remi,

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