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The Tall Man

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The Tall Man cover

It kinda makes sense, doesn't it? The Tall Man was, of course, the name of the antagonist in the cult favorite, Phantasm, and Slender Man has recently become a creepy meme. Milking this cash cow is what America is all about.

And a bad movie The Tall Man is too. Oh, there's that second act where it all looks like it could make a turn for the brilliant, but writer/director Pascal Laugier soon beats you down to reality again. He smacks you in the face, and screams at you: this is what you deserve.

Tall Man is not the movie you want, nor do you deserve to sit through to the disappointing ending. When the last ten minutes start sinking it, it's almost unbelievable where monsieur Laugier wants to take it, yet he does. He takes it right there, dragging the creepiness into a quasi-political social-commentary maelstrom taking inanity to a new level.

Jessica Biel leads a b-squad cast, which also includes Jodelle Ferland who, at the age of 20, probably should consider retirement. All of the actors look like they’re as shocked how this movie develops throughout, too, and I can only assume they looked at their paychecks, tears streaming, knowing this was the end of their careers.

Tall Man could have been great, but it is not. It is offensively bad. Masking the movie as a horror, thriller… Comedy? I guess that part is unintentional… I’m sure it was all done with good intentions, but in the end, this is one of the biggest letdowns on the journey through the ghettos of Netflix.

By Remi,

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